How to have a wedding for $7,000.00

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Church donation, organist, soloist, and DJ.

We donated $200.00 for the church. The Reverend came to the reception and offered prayer over our children’s marrige and happiness.

The organist that we had graduated with our daughter, and was working at a music center. He is a professional and has done many weddings. We met with him and selected our music for the wedding ceremony. This came to $250.00.

The soloist was a relative of our daughter’s godfather. He paid for the soloist as a gift to our daughter and her future husband.

Our future son-in-law’s stepmother paid for the invitations. Our daughter’s matron of honor created all the invitations and made sure they were all sent out to the family and guest.

The DJ. was highly recommended from people who had him take care of the music for their wedding receptions. He called my daughter a few days before the wedding and asked her what songs she preferred to have for the father  and daughter dance, husband and wife dance, and the dance that included all of the wedding party . She also let him know all the other songs that she liked. By the way, did I mention we knew him too, he was the brother-in-law of her high school classmate. The cost $650.00.

There is nothing like good friends whenever you are in need. So, you can have a nice wedding with friends, people you know, and all the love that goes with it. In fact, you can have an absolutely perfect wedding for under $7,000.00.


The trolley showed up at the wedding about fifteen minutes before the Church service was over. The driver took them to the place where they had their pictures taken before the reception, and then brought them to the reception. The cost came to $150.00.


There was a place that everyone in town went to for ice cream. The owner also baked wedding cakes. I called for an appointment and she asked what kind of cake my daughter wanted. My daughter wanted to have a red velvet made with lavender lace around it and a flower arrangement on top. Our florist made the flower arrangement for us to be placed at the top of the cake. The cake decorater came to the reception before everyone arrived and put the cake on the table for us.  She wanted to be sure everything would be done before the reception started. The guest all complimented us on how beautiful and delicious the cake was. The cost came to $310.00.

Reception hall

I rented out two rooms, one was with a balcony. One of the rooms was for the food service that was set up as a buffet table and the caterers were there to help serve the guest. The other room, which had a balcony, was for our reception party. We had the wedding in the summer, so the hall was air conditioned. The balcony was perfect too, because the weather was just right and with the lights and the candles it was perfect for people who wanted to be outside. We had a cocktail hour with appetizers and drinks. The beer, soft drinks and the bartenders were included in the package for the hall. They helped set up the table and chairs and also took care of cleaning up after the reception. The cost came to $1,641.75.


Once again, my friends to the rescue. The daughter of our dear friends, is going to college for photography.We asked her, if she would be our photographer for our daughter’s wedding? She said, ” I would love to. It will give me more experience, and would help me to show my college professor my work.”  We have seen some of her photography, and the slides she did at her uncle’s wedding. We know she is not a professional, but to be honest with you, I have seen some professional photograhy and she did just as well if not better. Some of our friends had professionals and were not at all pleased for the price they paid. As you go through my blog, you will see the pictures she has taken. Soon it will be Alicia Swearingen the professional photograhper. She took pictures before the wedding, during the wedding, before the reception and at the reception. Alicia knew our family and friends, so she was sure to get pictures of everyone and all that goes with the wedding.  She took pictures of my daughter throwing her flowers to the bachloretts, and the garder for the bachlors, the toast and the cutting of the cake. The cost for all her good work was $400.00.


Jody Reynolds was my service provider. Her business name is “Wedding Creations by Jody.” Jody has a site you can go to also. For the reception hall she supplied the table linens for all tables inside of hall,( we had a balcony also), linen napkins, chair covers, skirt and lights around the wedding table. She supplied the center pieces for all the tables, and put lights out on the balcony.  Jody also made a wedding box for the envelopes and money.

The supplies consisting of clear plastic plates, black plastic utensils, lavender napkins tied with a silver ribbon, and a signature poster that later could be framed were all that I needed to buy. The cost for the decorator was $550.00 plus the cost of my supplies was $113.00.


We have friends who own a flower shop. They asked us what we had in mind and what the colors were going to be. Our daughter wanted the girls in the wedding party to carry white catalilies, each girl carried a long stem white catalily with a lavender ribbon cascading down from the stem of the flowers. The groomsmen, ringbearer  and groom wore a small boutinneer catalily. My husband and the uncle of the groom also had one. The stepmother of the groom and I had a catalily with a lavender ribbon. The flower girl carried a basket with lavender silk petals. We also rented mirror center pieces. The ringbearer pillow was mine when I got married. White ribbons were put on pews at the church. They were married in a Greek Orthodox church and we did not need flowers there because the church alone was so beautiful there was no need to have them. The flower shop owners also helped the bride and the wedding party to be where they were suppose to be and made sure they had their flowers. The cost was $600. 


We had a friend who does catering. She gave us her menu and we decided on the food we wanted for the reception. We decided on chicken, cabbage rolls, pasta with meatballs, noodles, green beans, red skin potatoes, and bread and butter. We had a Greek wedding and I made grape leaves, and my brother-in-law made the Greek meatballs. There was a cocktail hour and we had a relish tray, wings, cold cuts, and fruit. We had a cookie table with an assortment of all different kinds of cookies. Our dear friends volunteered to bake our cookies for the reception. Our bill for our caterer was $1,800 for 150 people. The bill from our friends was pure thoughtfullness and love. 

How to have a wedding and reception under $7,000.

  • The first thing that you have to do when planning a wedding is to reserve the church, deejay, and the reception hall. I called the church and made an appointment with the priest for the day of the marraige and discussed what I had to do for the big day. Secondly, I picked out a reception hall and reserved it. Next, I called the deejay and checked with him on the date. He was available for that date and all was set...or so I thought. Naturally, the hard work just began. In order to put together a wedding on a very limited budget, you have to be extremely organized, able to negotiate prices, and have many wonderful friends that are in this line of work.
My husband and me at our daughter’s wedding.

My husband and me at our daughter’s wedding.